Monday, March 8, 2010

Gameboy micro is quite frankly the greatest handheld system ever!

It was May 17, 2005 and I saw the stuff that had happend while I was in school at E3 for Nintendo. Nintendo's Reggie fils Aime announced the Gameboy micro. I thought to myself this is what I waited to get outta school for. A gameboy advance that changes cables, isn't backwards compatable, and is more expensive then the GBA SP. NO THANK YOU! I told my self "I will never buy a gameboy micro" and up until late 2008 and that proved to be true. One day browsing about neogaf I found this thread. Upon reaching the Gameboy Micro love thread I was planning out the trolling lines in my head. I laughed at the thought that someone could actually "love" the gameboy micro. Then I scrolled down to see the pictures of the most sexiest gameboy and handheld I had ever seen. They call it gameboy porn for a reason. Now pictures do it justice but, not quite enough justice because when holding this thing you feel like a king. So late 2008 I found a used game store and picked up one. Because mine was used it was scratched so come 2009 I found a used one at FYE. I take my new one everywhere and have even expanded my library of games to ones I've never owned. If you don't have a gameboy micro you should think of looking on ebay. If you're looking for a used one anywhere you're best paying between 20 and 30 dollars. If you are looking for a new one the highest price I would pay is 50 dollars. Anyways this is my story of gameboy greatness.

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