Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why Sega will never make hardware again

Remember back in the 90's when Sega and Nintendo were like a sibling rivalry? Yeah, well that has all changed today and that is part of the reason Sega will never make hardware again. In the business there are always rivalry's. Coke and Pepsi, Pizza hut and Dominoes...etc. When you break your rivalry to start working with the company you had the rivalry with (especially in this case) you can't go back. I say especially in this case because no one had a rivalry like Nintendo and Sega (back in the day). Sega mocked Nintendo and Nintendo mocked Sega right back. NOW Sega actually is part of the company Nintendo that they had the rivalry with. Case in point, Mario and Sonic at the olympic games. Sega couldn't wipe the image of Sonic and Mario together in the game from our heads if they went back to making games. Sonic is part of Sega just as Mario is with Nintendo. So to those who actually think there is a Dreamcast 2 think again.

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